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Glam Bag Review

I did a post in November about how popular subscription services are becoming and wondering if they were good Christmas gift ideas. I decided to try out a few more, including Glam Bag by Ipsy. It’s a $10/month subscription for beauty products that comes in a little cosmetic bag. This is actually my second Glam Bag but I forgot to take photos of the December bag. The highlight of that one was a black Urban Decay eyeliner.  I’m really pleased with the January bag. 🙂


Contents: London Soho NY crease brush, Big Sexy Hair mini-hairspray, Nailtini red nail polish, Pacifica body butter in Tuscan Blood Orange scent, and Josie Maran argan oil.

First up, the crease brush. I have a crease brush and I use it to blend shadows but it doesn’t have quite this shape so I’m eager to try this one out.


Next, the Nailtini polish and Josie Maran argan oil. This post was really about my future career as a hand model.

The argan oil box says you can use it as (1) daily moisturizer on your face (2) as a hair treatment for split ends (3) body moisturizer (4) nail treatment for your cuticles or (5) bath oil. That’s quite a variety of uses! I don’t see myself using oil as a moisturizer, but I’m curious to try it on my hair. I have a cuticle oil from JulepMaven (more on that subscription in another post!) and I do use it so I would try this brand for my cuticles, too. I’ve never taken a bath in our current apartment to try this in the bath but maybe this will be my excuse to try 😉

The shade of the Nailtini polish is not what I have on, by the way. I like this shade though–a big, bold red is fun from time to time.

bottles side by side

I don’t wear hairspray often, but mini hairsprays are hard to find so I’m happy to have this Big Sexy Hair one for my travel bag. The Tuscan blood orange body butter smells amazing. Plus, the bag is cute!


I’ll keep you posted as I use these products to see if they were worth it. I feel like I definitely got my $10 worth from this month’s glam bag. Even if the quality of the nail polish isn’t the best or I don’t find a lot of uses for the argan oil, the brush, hair spray and moisturizer would easily be $20 purchased alone.

I’ve heard a lot of disappointment with Birchbox so if you’re thinking about cancelling Birchbox or you’d like to add some new beauty products to your routine, consider Ipsy! The only down side so far is that I don’t think you can skip the month; you have to cancel your subscription. I haven’t wanted to skip Glam Bag yet, but the other subscriptions I’ve tried all allow you to skip a month, which has come in handy. I also decided to try PV Body (work out gear) and JulepMaven (nail polish) subscriptions, and I placed an order through Jewel Mint. Stay tuned for future reviews on those brands!

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