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Sunday Shoe Crushes

There are two types of shoes I’m hoping to add to my wardrobe this year– a heeled ballet flat, and a pair (flat or heel) with neon accents. Never mind the fact that I’ve added several pairs of shoes to my closet in the recent past, I just can’t stay away from shoes. Loveeee shoes 🙂  Here are some pairs I have my eye on. I’m partial to the the ankle strap options with neon trim and the nude and silver ballet flats.

What do you think? Any shoe trends you’re hoping to try in 2013?

Neon Accents

Picture 3

Snake flats: Banana Republic

Ankle strap flats: J. Crew (heeled version)

Loafers: Gap

Leopard flats: Kate Spade

Snake heels: Sole Society

Heeled Ballet Flats

Picture 2

Nude: J. Crew

Red: Zara (also in black here)

Black: Bebe

Silver: Sole Society

As a side note, if anyone could explain to me why the second image has a border around it but the first image doesn’t even though I prepared them the same way, that’d be great 🙂 I tried, and failed, to solve this mystery.

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  1. what program did you use to create the collages ?

    • The smaller collages like these I do myself by putting the images in PowerPoint slides and then taking a screen shot. If you go back to my recap of 2012 post, my husband did that in photoshop for me 🙂 PowerPoint works pretty well except for that stupid border that magically appears when I upload to WordPress.

  2. I LOVE the Kate Spade leopard/pink combo!

  3. I have the same problem – I can’t stay away from shoes no matter how hard I try. Love your picks!

  4. LOVE! Excellent picks my dear! Thanks for your continued support on my blog this past year! Best of luck to you in 2013!! Stay in touch!


  5. I don’t normally go for flats, but I’m loving the heeled flat trend. Great picks!

  6. I love the leopard flats and the ankle strap flats with orange. Love the contrasting colors .

    Xo Amy

  7. The colorful J Crew flats are high on my list!

  8. Oh my goodness, the ankle-strap flats and the leopard pink capped flats are just the cutest shoes ever! I can see why you have shoe crushes on all of these 🙂


  9. I finally got the J.Crew spring catalog and I’m swooning over about five pairs of shoes! Too good!


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