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I have some exciting news and links to share with you this lovely Friday!

You can now follow Christine in Color on Bloglovin! If you read multiple blogs, like I do, Bloglovin is a convenient way to keep track of them all so you don’t miss a post. You will get a daily email with the posts of all the blogs you follow that you can link to from the email. You can also follow Christine in Color directly and get an email as soon as I post. Sign up on the right hand side of the home page!

My dear friend, Katie, of Healthy Heddleston introduced me to her readers: here.  Check out Katie’s blog for advice on nutrition (especially if you’re gluten-free), running, and being a new mommy 🙂

Tuesday’s post is featured on InPink’s blog: here.  The gold flower bracelet I wore in the post is from InPink and only $23!

Now you can shop my closet! I listed several items on Poshmark. Poshmark is a smart-phone based alternative to eBay. You download the free app on your smart phone, then you can search by item description or by user. Download for iPhone users here. You can follow my closet @ChristineNColor to see which items I list. There are some particularly great J. Crew shoes up for sale if you’re a size 10!

Instagram recently released web profiles! So even if you don’t have Instagram on your phone, you can follow my pictures here.

I’ve added a Sales tab along the top of the home page! This will be your convenient place to see what sales and promotions are going on with stores where I shop. I’ll update regularly so keep checking back.

Have you checked out Christine In Color on facebook, twitter, and instragram? More thoughts and photos if you do! Links under the “Contacts” tab.

Thanks for reading! TGIF!


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  1. Ohh shopping your closet – good idea! And thanks for the shout out!!


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