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Peplum and Chains

Have you tried on a top or dress with a peplum? I wasn’t sold on them until I found this fun pink one at Forever 21. It made me feel instantly fun. Do you have any clothing with that immediate effect? I think the key for me is layering them with fitted skirts that accentuate my waist. If I put this top on with jeans it makes my torso look super short, which isn’t flattering. Not all peplums are created equal!

In addition to mixing colors and prints, I love playing with different styles in the same outfit. The pencil skirt is timeless, the top is flirty and feminine, and the jewelry is edgy. Sometimes I find the things that don’t seem to go together actually go together the best!

Happy Thursday!

Top: Forever 21, similar

Skirt: J. Crew Factory, similar

Shoes: H&M, similar splurge and steal

Belt: J. Crew (old)

Jewelry: Stella & Dot necklace, bracelet 1, bracelet 2

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  1. Long live the peplum! I love it paired with a full skirt too. Once it’s belted, it looks like the skirt has another voluminous layer. (I also can’t wear it with pants without looking a little off.)

  2. That pink color is so pretty on you…and I love the necklace!

  3. Do you think I could pull off the peplum with my long torso? If so, can you email me what size you took in that top so I can order one from forever21 too? (yes, you having a blog will mean me copying many fashion styles… you know copying is the best form of flattery!) Anyway, do wide belts work on peplum too?

    • Yes! We already discussed this, but for the sake of any other readers with the same question: the key would be to find a top where the peplum hits lower on the waist so as not to cut off your torso at a weird spot. Something like this: You’ll just have to try them on. Also, try pairing with a skirt instead of pants. Or try a skirt or dress with a peplum instead of a top.

      I think belting depends more on where the peplum hits. I personally wouldn’t belt the J Crew one I just linked because the peplum starts so low. I’ve belted right where the peplum starts in the photos, which happens to be about at my waist. So if you find one that hits at your natural waist, go for a belt! I’d probably keep it to a skinnier belt so as not to steal focus from the peplum. See also Kate Hudson with her belted peplum on Ann Taylor’s home page:

      Hope that helps 🙂

  4. Kristin Poerschke

    So what’s a peplum, asks your fashion deprived mom-in-law.

  5. Cheryl Ledbetter

    Christine, great blog!! You look really cute. I love the bangs!


  6. super cute outfit!!!!


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